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Tamiya Republic P-47M Thunderbolt 1:48 Scale

Part No:
Price: 34.99

Approx: 34.41 / US$38.20 Tax Free

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This late-production variant of the already battle-proven P-47 Thunderbolt entered service in January 1945. Equipped with the massive Pratt & Whitney R-2800-57 radial engine with 2,800 horsepower, the P-47M's 756km/h top speed made it capable of chasing even the Luftwaffe's vaunted Me-262.

High-quality assembly kit display model of the Republic P-47M Thunderbolt. ?Length: 230mm, Width: 259mm ?Parts included for 3 types of dorsal fin, and fuselage without dorsal fin is also included so modelers can depict any "bubble top" P-47. ?Parts for initial production type cockpit as well as late-production speed brake are included for extra modeling options. ?Separately-molded flaps can be posed in both open and closed positions, and 4 types of propellers are also included. ?Various drop tanks and 500lb. bombs, as well as other ordinance are included to depict many payload options. ?Comes with 1 pilot figure and 3 types of markings.

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