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Tamiya Porsche 928S

Part No:
Price: 39.98 (Including VAT)

Approx: 38.98 / US$43.98 Tax Free

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Porsche, which had established a great reputation for making sports cars with their 911 models, released a new flagship model called the 928 in March 1977. It featured a front-mounted liquid-cooled V8 engine and rear-mounted transmission to enable a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution as well as a "Weissach Axle" rear suspension system. In 1979, a version with enhanced performance called the 928S was announced. The engine displacement was increased from 4,474cc to 4,664cc which resulted in sixty more horsepower for a total of 300hp and a top speed of over 250km/h. Externally, the 928S featured a new wheel design, front and rear spoilers, and a distinctive crease line along the body sides to differentiate it from the standard 928. The 1/24 scale Tamiya model faithfully replicates this iconic Porsche of the 1980's.

Specs and Features

•1/20 scale plastic assembly kit.
•Motorization mechanism featured on the original 1981 model has been omitted from the re-release.
•The sleek, aerodynamic design of the 928S is accurately reproduced.
•Insulated wires are included to depict plug cables.
•Headlights can be depicted in either retracted or raised position.
•Hood may be detached even after assembly to showcase the V8 engine, radiator, etc.
•Synthetic rubber tires with realistic tread patterns.
•Steerable front wheels.

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