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Tamiya Novafox

Part No:
Price: 189.98 (Including VAT)

Approx: 182.07 / US$216.90 Tax Free

This is an update of a popular 2WD buggy model which was a stablemate of the famous Hotshot in the late 1980s. The elegant, slim polycarbonate body brings to mind the image of a full-size racing buggy, and its markings take inspiration from the original model. Jazzy gold color metal-plated wheels are fitted with front ribbed and rear oval block tires for excellent off-road performance. The model includes a driver figure to install in the cockpit.

Updated Rear-Wheel 2WD Off-Road Chassis
This classic model retains its highly dust-resistant monocoque frame and 4-wheel independent double suspension, while also receiving updates to make it suited to the modern R/C world. Dog-bone type drive shafts are added, as is a stabilizer to help neutralize roll. Sealed gearbox and rear uprights now include a total of 8 ball bearings as standard, providing even more effective power transmission.

Length: 425mm Height: 133mm Width: 225mm Weight: 1,140g (Not including R/C equipment and battery pack) Wheelbase: 260mm Tread: 198mm (Front), 183mm (Rear) Tire Width/Diameter: 23/83mm (Front), 38/88mm (Rear) ABS Resin Monocoque Frame Rear-Wheel 2WD 3-Bevel Differentials 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension CVA Oil Dampers x3 (Front & Rear Total) Gear Ratio= 8.7:1, 7.25:1 Type 540 Motor

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