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Tamiya Mazda 2 (M-05)

Part No:

Price: 125.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 133.75 (Inc VAT) US$119.80 (Tax Free)

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This R/C assembly kit model recreates the 4th generation model of Mazda’s worldwide hit car, known as the Mazda2 around the world and the Demio in Japan. This compact car has a body incorporating design themes from Mazda’s “Soul of Motion (Kodo)" concept, such as the front section with its striking headlights stylized like the eyes of wild animals, linked by the “signature wing” skirting the front grille. It won the 2014-2015 Car of the Year Japan award for Mazda.

An Elegant Compact Car
This is an R/C model assembly kit of the 4th-generation Mazda2 (marketed as the Demio in Japan), which was named the 2014-2015 Car of the Year Japan among numerous other awards. The model uses a lightweight and durable polycarbonate body to capture the elegant Mazda2 form, which incorporates design themes from Mazda's "Soul of Motion (Kodo)" concept. Side mirrors are molded as separate parts, while stickers are included to recreate details such are lights, optional body-side graphics and more.

M-05: Low Center of Gravity, High Performance!
The front wheel drive M-05 chassis features a lightweight, narrow, durable, and easy-assembly semi-monocoque resin frame. Gearbox, motor, battery pack, receiver, servo and ESC are positioned for optimum weight distribution and a low center of gravity. Ground-hugging 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and the 3-piece steering linkage provide stable high-speed cornering. Silver color 5-spoke wheels are matched with tread-patterned radial tires and feature tire inserts.

Length: 377mm, Width: 167mm, Height: 136mm
Wheelbase: 239mm
Tread (Front & Rear): 138mm
Tire Width/Diameter (Front & Rear): 25/59mm
Monocoque Frame
3-Bevel Differential Gear
Front-Wheel 2WD
3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
Front & Rear Friction Dampers
Gear Ratio = 5.8:1
Type 540 Motor
Electronic Speed Controller

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