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Tamiya Grasshopper II

Part No:

Price: 100.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 110.00 (Inc VAT) US$101.66 (Tax Free)

The Grasshopper II is one of Tamiya's iconic radio control car kits from the late 1980's. It was an enhanced follow up release to the original Grasshopper kit. This re-release (2017) kit features a number of updates while keeping largely faithful to the original model. Its streamlined construction process makes this kit perfect for less experienced users and R/C veterans alike, while separately sold option parts can be used to enhance the model.
Length: 389mm, width: 223mm, height: 135mm

Hop II It!
This re-release version of The Grasshopper II R/C off-road car assembly kit features a number of updates while keeping largely to the design of the original released in 1988. It includes a highly realistic injection molded polystyrene resin body, marking stickers and a driver figure. The chassis' streamlined construction and use of a Type 380 motor makes the kit perfect for less experienced users. It is compatible with separately sold race spec Hop-Up Option parts such as Type 540 motors and CVA oil dampers.

A Durable Off-Road Chassis
A rugged ABS resin chassis is more than up to the stresses of off-road driving, and features lightweight durable plastic suspension arms, gearboxes and so on - the result is a lightweight and durable unit. Front swing axle and rear rolling rigid suspension combine for a responsive drive, while a fully enclosed gearbox is integrated with the rear axle and has a built-in differential gear to aid smooth cornering. One-piece wheels are paired with front grooved and rear spike tires for solid performance.

Length: 400mm, Width: 223mm, Height: 136mm. Weight: 760g (excluding R/C equipment)
Wheelbase: 253mm
Tread (Front & Rear): 186mm
Tire Width/Diameter: 19mm/74mm (Front), 36mm/82mm (Rear)
ABS Bathtub Type Frame
Rear-Wheel Drive
3-Bevel Differential
2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
Suspension: Front Swing Axle, Rear Rolling Rigid
Gear Ratio = 14.7:1
Type 380 Motor
Electronic Speed Controller

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