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Tamiya Grasshopper II

Part No:

Price: 100.00 incl. VAT
Approx: 111.00 / US$103.33
Temporarily unavailable.

Hop II It!
This re-release version of The Grasshopper II R/C off-road car assembly kit features a number of updates while keeping largely to the design of the original released in 1988. It includes a highly realistic injection molded polystyrene resin body, marking stickers and a driver figure. The chassis' streamlined construction and use of a Type 380 motor makes the kit perfect for less experienced users. It is compatible with separately sold race spec Hop-Up Option parts such as Type 540 motors and CVA oil dampers.

A Durable Off-Road Chassis
A rugged ABS resin chassis is more than up to the stresses of off-road driving, and features lightweight durable plastic suspension arms, gearboxes and so on - the result is a lightweight and durable unit. Front swing axle and rear rolling rigid suspension combine for a responsive drive, while a fully enclosed gearbox is integrated with the rear axle and has a built-in differential gear to aid smooth cornering. One-piece wheels are paired with front grooved and rear spike tires for solid performance.

Length: 400mm, Width: 223mm, Height: 136mm. Weight: 760g (excluding R/C equipment)
Wheelbase: 253mm
Tread (Front & Rear): 186mm
Tire Width/Diameter: 19mm/74mm (Front), 36mm/82mm (Rear)
ABS Bathtub Type Frame
Rear-Wheel Drive
3-Bevel Differential
2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
Suspension: Front Swing Axle, Rear Rolling Rigid
Gear Ratio = 14.7:1
Type 380 Motor
Electronic Speed Controller

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