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Tamiya Caterham Super Seven BDR 1:12 Scale

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Price: 385.00 incl. VAT
Approx: 427.35 / US$417.08
Temporarily unavailable.

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A lightweight, road-hugging sports car, the Lotus Seven was an instant hit and enthralled amateur racers and sports car enthusiasts alike from its debut in 1957. When Lotus ended its production in 1973, Caterham was on hand to step in and take over. Without straying from the classic visual themes of the original, their Super Seven had revamped suspension and a revised, toughened chassis that combined a steel tubing space frame with riveted aluminum panels; this winning formula has constantly evolved down the years. Available as a kit car, owners can choose from a range of specifications and even powerplants, ranging from a more basic OHV engine to a high-performance DOHC unit. Already a beloved household name, the Caterham Super Seven shows every sign of continuing to capture drivers' hearts across the world for many a year to come.

About the Model
This is a 1/12 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 285mm, width: 132mm, height: 85mm.
Kit components are a variety of materials for superlative realism. ?Features black painted die-cast recreations of suspension arms and de Dion rear suspension. Screw-attached to brackets and with coil-sprung dampers, the suspension is movable.
Plastic renderings of engine block and transmission offer great detail, accented by rubber timing belt plus metal air cleaner and exhaust pipe parts. ?Oil lines are recreated using mesh tubing, and water lines, etc. using vinyl tubing.
Comes with a display base, name plate and stone paving diorama sheet to show off the model in style.

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