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Tamiya Agrios 4x4 Monster Truck (TXT-2)

Part No:

Price: 415.00 incl. VAT
Approx: 456.50 / US$446.12
Temporarily unavailable.

This is an R/C model assembly kit inspired by monster trucks, which are highly popular in the United States. The tough body's black side frames feature resin shafts with aluminum inserts, plus aluminum panels. For increased durability, the centrally-located gearbox is reinforced by aluminum beams to its front and rear. The upper frame serves as the mechanism deck and battery holder. The hard-wearing polycarbonate body features big front and rear fenders, while the rear truck bed is depicted in pipe frame style. This model really lives up to its namesake, the Greek leader of the giants, Agrios.

This shaft-driven 4WD machine's power comes from the parallel-positioned twin motors in the center of the car and is transferred to the front and rear axles via propeller shaft. Front and rear axle cases contain 3-bevel differential gears and have a 2-level transmission. The chassis is equipped with 4-link rigid suspension, each wheel having dual oil dampers. All link rods are made using resistant aluminum, giving the strength to support the heavy-duty frame. Massive 151mm diameter, 82mm width tires are mounted on metal-plated deep rim wheels and are combined with the suspension to handle even the worst of off-road surfaces.

Length: 510mm, Width: 344mm, Height: 282mm
Weight: 3,995g (without R/C mechanism and battery)
Wheelbase: 330mm
F/R Tread: 262mm
F/R Tire Width/Diameter: 82/151mm
ABS resin box type frame
Shaft-driven 4WD
Suspension: Front/Rear 4-link rigid
Dampers: 2 CVA Oil Shock Units per wheel
2-Piece Steering Tie Rod
3-Bevel Differentials
Gear Ratio: 26.3:1
Type 540 Motor x2
Twin-motor ESC

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