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Revell Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys (Ozelot & AFF & BF/UF) 1:35 Scale

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The German army LeFlaSys (Light Air Defence System) is one of the most advanced short ranger air defence systems in the world. Air targets can be spotted, identified, detected and successfully attacked up to a distance of 6 km. In addition it is highly mobile and airportable. The system consists of various vehicles which together form the LeFlaSys system. The vehicles are based among other things on the light armoured tracked vehicle Wiesel (weasel) 2. The AFF (reconnaissance, command and control vehicle) is the eyes and brains of the system. Its 3D radar acquires the targets and transfers the target data by radio to the Ozelot (ocelot) weapons carrier which then launches up to four type FIM-92 Stinger or Igla surface/air guided missiles. Four more guided missiles are carried in rear ammunition stowage compartments. Five Ozelot and one AFF form one convoy, three convoys form one battery (Bttr), which also includes the two battery command/support cell vehicles (BF/UF) also on Wiesel 2s. The system was procured by the German army from 2001 onwards.

Scale 1:35
No. of parts 423
Skill Level 4

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