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Revell U.S.S. Iowa 1:1200 Scale

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Price: 5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 6.59(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$6.39(Tax Free)
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USS Iowa
Scale 1:1200

The U.S.S. Iowa, completed at the beginning of 1943, was one of the largest and fastest warships in the American fleet in World War II. In that same year she brought President Roosevelt to Casablanca. From 1944 she served in the War in the Pacific, where her massive fire power and perfect radar system enabled her to withstand all Japanese attacks and she played a central role in the Battle in the Philippines. After World War II she served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. She was finally retired from service in 1990. The model kit shows the U.S.S.Iowa as it was in World War II and can only be built as a "water line model" without propellers and rudder.

Model details
Scale 1:1200
Release date 03/2010
No. of parts 31
Length 225 mm
Skill Level 3

Original details
Type description Warship
Year/Period 1940 - 1943
Origin USA
Engine capacity 155.810 kW
Speed 33 kn

Colours: 57 77 78 88

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