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Revell Tractor with Loader and Figure Junior Kit

Part No:
Price: 29.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 29.24 / US$34.24 Tax Free

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Out into the fields! With this tractor with a movable front loader you are well equipped for work in the fields. Pass the junior kit screwdriver through the cabin roof into the steering wheel and you can really steer your tractor. A farmer is also at your side while you work. The figure is fully movable and can do his work on the tractor sitting or standing.
Small farmers even at 4 years of age can easily assemble this powerful tractor. Of course its child-friendly and takes no effort. The coloured, easy-to-understand building instructions lead you step by step to the finished tractor.

- Easy to construct
- Robust construction
- Can be disassembled
- Farmer figure
- Driving cab can be opened upwards
- Many interior details
- Moving front loader
- Moving front axle steered via the screw driver
- Opening bonnet
- Reproduction engine
- Large coarse tread tires
- Decorate using the enclosed stickers

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