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Revell Super Wings Jett Junior Kit

Part No:

Price: 35.99

Approx: 35.39 / US$39.29 Tax Free

Buy any selected plastic kit and get a 10% discount off the price shown, buy 4 or more and get a 15% discount off each model.

Deliver packages to children around the world with Jett, the fastest aircraft in the world and hero of the TV series Super Wings ,. Once assembled with the Junior Kit screw system, you can instantly transform Jett from an aeroplane into robot.

- Height approx 20 cm
- Easy to assemble with little effort due to the screw together system
- Transforms from flight to robot mode
- Moveable arms and legs
- Robust construction
- Can be disassembled
- Stickers enclosed for decoration

- Easy to assemble
- Rugged construction
- Can be disassembled
- Boot and doors can be opened
- Many interior details
- 2 cones
- A second adhesive sticker International Police is included
- Visual enhancement with the adhesive stickers supplied

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