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Revell Roland C.II 1:48 Scale

Part No:
Price: 16.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 16.57 / US$19.40 Tax Free

2021 Clearance Line Special Offer. Get a 25% discount off the price shown when you add this item to the cart.

One of the most ingenious aircraft of the First World War, the Roland C.II featured a monocoque fuselage made from to angled layers of plywood. This load-bearing fuselage massively cut down on the number of struts and wires needed by the wings, reducing drag. This made it as fast if not faster than many existing fighters, and allowed it to carry bombs, a forward-firing gun, and an observer's machine gun.

Scale 1:48
No. of parts 92
Length 155mm
Wingspan 215mm
Skill Level 4

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