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Revell Pull Back Rally Car Red Junior Kit

Part No:

Price: 24.98

Approx: 24.36 / US$25.19 Tax Free

Buy any selected plastic kit and get a 10% discount off the price shown, buy 4 or more and get a 15% discount off each model.

Simply pull back and the junior kit racing car really accelerates!

First, assemble the car using the well-known Junior Kit Screw System and then see how the pull-back motor produces cool racing duels.

The vehicles looks can be changed again and again with the enclosed tuning parts.

Simply loosen a few parts with the Junior Kit screwdriver, replace with the tuning parts and continue the ride in a new look.

36 Parts for easy assembly for all small racing drivers from 4 years of age.

Plastic model kit (non-assembled)
Child-friendly construction manual

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