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Revell Play Set Fire Station II Junior Kit

Part No:
Price: 58.49

Approx: 57.51 / US$63.85 Tax Free

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In the large fire station, the fire brigade waits for its next mission. If the alarm sounds, the sliding pole is immediately moved into the vehicle hall, where the large fire truck is already waiting to leave. Quickly switch on the blue light and the siren and then go to geht´s to the place of action. The assembly takes place with the junior kit screw system.

Building, screwing, playing: child-friendly assembly thanks to unique screwing system
Robust construction: can be easily screwed together and unscrewed again
Both the vehicle and the building are mounted with the Junior Kit screw system.
Fire station also fully playable from inside: command centre, rest room, workshop, vehicle hall, tower with sliding pole, vehicle hall with large gate, many accessories
Fire truck with blue light and siren, doors and flaps movable, rotating fire gun and much more
With fully movable figure (fireman)
Batteries for blue light/ siren included (3 x LR 41)

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