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Revell Phantom FGR Mk.2 1:48 Scale

Part No:
Price: 29.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 29.24 / US$34.24 Tax Free

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Model kit of the Phantom FGR 2. Great Britain received from September 1964 a specially modified Phantom version with Rolls Royce Spey engines. This resulted in the improved Phantom FGR.2. for the Royal Air Force, which was used as an interceptor on 15 squadrons between 1969 and 1992.

- Cockpit with instrument panel
- Detailed ejection seats
- Detailed engine nozzles
- Separate Air outlets
- Detailed undercarriage
- Separate airbrake flaps
- Additional tanks
- One gun container
- Four Skyflash-guided missiles
- decal with 3 RAF versions

Scale 1:48
Length 362mm
Wingspan 245mm
No of Parts 160
Skill Level 5

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