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Revell Model Set Tornado GR Mk.1 RAF 1:144 Scale

Part No:

Price: 7.99 incl. VAT
Approx: 8.87 / US$8.19

2020 Clearance Line Special Offer. Get a 25% discount off the price shown when you add this item to the cart.

The Tornado is one of the most versatile NATO weapons platforms. In conflicts the RAF Tornados equipped with ALARM guided missiles rank among the first allied aircraft to penetrate enemy air space on their dangerous missions. Due to their large 2250 litre drop tanks the RAF Tornados have an extraordinarily long range.

- 2 ALARM guided missiles
- 2 laser-guided bombs
- 4 x 1000 lbs bombs
- 2 large auxiliary tanks
- Sky Shadow pod
- Super details and recessed panel lines
- Detailed cockpit
- Variable-geometry wings
- Detailed landing gear

Decals for 27 Sqn, RAF Marham:
- BAe Tornado GR.Mk.1, No. 27 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Marham, UK 1990

Model details
Scale 1:144
No. of parts 84
Length 118 mm
Wingspan 85 mm

Original details
Type description Combat plane
Origin D/GB/I
Speed 1340 km/h

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