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Revell Gift Set 60 years of the Luftwaffe 1:72 Scale

Part No:
Price: 49.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 48.74 / US$57.07 Tax Free

2021 Clearance Line Special Offer. Get a 25% discount off the price shown when you add this item to the cart.

This presentation set includes 4 model aircraft construction kits of the German Air Force that were forerunners during this 60 year period. The German Air Force was born on January 2, 1956 at Nörvenich airfield, since then its motto has been: -Make a contribution to peace and freedom-.

- Fully detailed cockpits
- Ejection seats
- Fully detailed under-carriages
- Fully detailed jet engine exhaust nozzles
- Wing fuel tanks
- A comprehensive array of external loads

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