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Revell German Submarine U-212 1:144 Scale

Part No:

Price: 13.50 incl. VAT
Approx: 14.72 / US$14.40

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With the Class 212 A submarines the Federal German Navy has available to it the most uptodate conventional type of submarine, equipped with state of the art technology for longduration almost silent travel. This submarine is the first in the world to be equipped with an ultramodern hydrogen fuel cell engine and can operate submerged for weeks independently of external air without needing to come to the surface. The fuel cells are used for longduration operations at moderate speeds, while the dieselelectric engine with batteries is used for highspeed manoeuvres. The submarine is powered by a newlydeveloped sickleshaped propeller. During development the highest priority was placed on reducing the acoustic, magnetic and radar signatures. The armament includes the newly developed heavyweight "Seehecht" torpedo that is launched from six torpedo tubes. The submarine is expected to travel at speeds of ca. 10 knots surfaced and ca. 20 knots dived. Weight: 1,450 t.

The submarine can be built as a dived or a surfaced version
Detailed hull with recessed panel lines
Transparent part for the fin area
Detailed propeller
4 separate rudders aft
2 movable diving planes on fin
Rear stabilizers reproduced in wire
Display stands with decals for different markings
Equipment on top of fin optionally up (periscope, antenna mast, exhaust mast etc.)
Separate front hatch/side door
Bitt and mast on gangway
Decals with draught markings for 4 German and Italian navy versions

Colors: 5 9 16 69 84 84 85 91 92 99 302 330 364

Scale 1:144
No. of parts 55
Length 296 mm,
Skill Level 4

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