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Revell Cunard Line Gift Set

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Price: 17.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 19.25 (Inc VAT) US$17.24 (Tax Free)
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2020 Clearance Line Special Offer. Get a 25% discount off the price shown when you add this item to the cart.

Contents: 2 Plastic Modelkits, 4 Aqua Color paints, Contacta Professional Mini, Paintbrush no. 02

The Queen Mary 2, the new flagship of the Cunard Line is one of the largest and most sumptuous passenger liners. At 72 m she stands even higher than the Statue of Liberty. The stylish and luxuriously appointed passenger decks can accommodate up to 2,612 people. She is equipped with 7 restaurants, 8 swimming pools a library, a theatre and other leisure facilities. With her elegant hull and powerful engines she is specially designed for transatlantic travel. The voyage from Southampton to New York takes 7 days. In addition to the classical transatlantic service cruises are offered. The Queen Mary 2 continues the great tradition of the North Atlantic crossings and is keeping alive the era of ocean voyages.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 was for 35 years the flagship of the British Cunard Line and was at the same time one of the most comfortable liners and cruise ships until she was superseded in 2004 by the Queen Mary 2. This floating 5-star hotel had 5 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, a library, a cinema and other leisure facilities. On transatlantic crossings she could carry up to 1,900 passengers. This ship that went into service in 1969 at her home port Southampton was used in summer for transatlantic crossings and in winter for luxury cruises. After the QM2 went into service she only offered cruises. Since her retirement in 2008 the QE2 has been permanently at anchor in Dubai where she will be converted into a hotel.

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