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Revell Apollo 11 Astronaut on the Moon 1:8 Scale

Part No:
Price: 34.99

Approx: 34.41 / US$38.20 Tax Free

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Probably the most spectacular event of the 20th century took place on 20 July 1969 - a man entered the moon for the first time. After a dramatic 4-day journey, the 3-man crew of the Apollo 11 mission initiated this historic moment. Equipped with a portable life-support system in the back tornister and a special space suit, Neil Armstrong descended the steps of the Lunar Module and was the first human to enter the moon.
•Detailed replica of the space suit
• Tinted Helmet Visor
• kitbags
• Astronaut camera replica
• Lower landing gear section of the lunar module
• Structured lunar surface platform
• True to original decals
• adhesive and base paints

Scale 1:8
No of Parts 24
Height 258mm
Skill Level 4

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