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Revell Ambulance Car with figure Junior Kit

Part No:

Price: 34.99

Approx: 34.41 / US$38.20 Tax Free

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Clear the road for the ambulance! Quickly build your ambulance and drive to the scene. Once there, you immediately provide the patient with the emergency backpack and then push it on the mobile stretcher into the ambulance. With a fully movable play figure. Small paramedics from 4 years can easily assemble the model themselves with the included screwdriver - child-friendly and without any effort. The colourful, easy-to-understand building instructions lead you step by step to your goal.

- Building, screwing, playing: child-friendly assembly thanks to unique screw system
- Robust construction: easy to screw together and unscrew again
- Movable front and rear doors; side sliding door
- With fully movable figure (paramedic)
- Accessories included: Emergency backpack and mobile stretcher
- Interior with instrument panel
- Decoration with enclosed stickers
- 64 parts ( 39 components + 24 fasteners, 1 x figure)
- scale 1:20; length 26 cm

- Easy to assemble
- Rugged construction
- Can be disassembled
- Boot and doors can be opened
- Many interior details
- 2 cones
- A second adhesive sticker International Police is included
- Visual enhancement with the adhesive stickers supplied

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