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Revell Advent Calender Shelby GT

Part No:

Price: 52.99

Approx: 52.11 / US$57.85 Tax Free

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Take up the challenge and build your dream car in 24 days with the Revell Advent calendar. Everything you need is included and you can proudly hold your home-made model in your hands for Christmas. Since the 1960s, the addition "Shelby" has stood for the most powerful versions of the legendary Ford Mustang. The Ford Shelby GT is no exception and is powered by a 540 HP V8 engine.

Model Kit Ford Shelby GT
Building instructions
Contacta Professional
Contacta Special
Contacta Clear
8 Aqua Color colours
Side cutters
Sandleaf file
Model making knife
Masking Tape
Decal Soft
Contains the following Aqua Color colours: 36107, 36109, 36134, 36152, 36178, 36191, 36199, 36302

UK customers must be 18 years or over to purchase this product

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