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Pro Boat Riverine 22-inch Patrol Boat

Part No:
Pro Boat
Price: 224.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 219.36 / US$256.86 Tax Free

Pro Boat Riverine 22-inch Patrol Boat
Patrol the coast with the Pro Boat® 22-inch Riverine Patrol Boat. Modeled after the US Navy's RCB (River Command Boat), this scale model has everything to make true military enthusiasts smile including moulded detailed accessories such as machine guns, round life preservers, lights pods, GPS module, antennas, flag, and working LEDs. Featuring dual brushed 390 motors, 60-amp brushed LiPo compatible waterproof ESC and a durable ABS hull, you can hit the waterways with confidence. Additionally, powerful, steerable jet pumps provide full power while maintaining scale speed and steering. Plus, there are no exposed propellers so the Riverine can be used in a river or stream with as little as three inches of water. The Riverine Patrol Boat commands attention on the water or in the display case.

•Highly detailed military trim scheme with incredible scale detail
•Submerged Twin Jet Propulsion system
•Run day or night with LED light system
•LiPo compatibility allows the user to use most any size 7.4 LiPo available
•The 2.4 radio system provides a clear and precise connection when the boat is off the mantle and on the water
•The included boat stand allows for use as a display model or to store the boat on while not in use

Extreme Power
Like the US Navy's River Command Boat, the Riverine Patrol Boat is propelled by twin, steerable jet pumps.

Moulded Accessories
You'll love the realistic and detailed moulded accessories such as machine guns, round life preservers, light pods, GPS, antennas, and US flag.

Run Day or Night
Working LEDs help you light up the night and add to the scale realism.

Interference Free Connection
The included 2.4 Spektrum™ STX2™ 2.4GHZ transmitter provides a clear, precise connection while the boat is on the water.

Needed to Complete
•30C+ 2S Lipo battery with EC3 connector
•Comptible LiPo charger
•AA batteries (4)

What's in the Box?
•(1) 22-inch Riverine Patrol Boat
•(1) Spektrum™ STX2™ 2.4 GHz FHSS Radio
•(1) SRX200 Receiver
•(1) Dynamite® Tazer™ 390 22T Motor
•(1) Boat Stand

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