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Pro Boat React 9 Self Righting Deep-V RTR

Part No:
Pro Boat

Price: 52.78 (Including VAT)
Euro: 58.05 (Inc VAT) US$53.66 (Tax Free)
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Take to the water with the compact and convenient Pro Boat® React™ 9 Deep-V, a dynamic self-righting 9-inch Deep-V that will never leave you “up a creek without a paddle”. This intuitive RTR comes out of the box equipped with impressive features that give you the edge over the competition. Thanks to a potent 180 size brushed motor under its canopy, the React 9 makes it easy to overpower your competition with speeds in excess of 12.5+ MPH. In the event you push the boat past its limit and go belly up, getting the React 9 back to a race-ready position is as simple as “rocking the boat” by hammering the throttle backward and forward.

Electric Motor Size:180 Water Cooled
Hull Material:Injection molded ABS
Hull Type:Deep-V
Kit / Ready-Built:Ready-To-Run
Motor Type:Brushed

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