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Pro Boat Alpha 21-inch Patrol Boat

Part No:
Pro Boat
Price: 334.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 326.62 / US$368.49 Tax Free

Pro Boat Alpha Patrol Boat 21-inch
The Pro Boat® Alpha Patrol Boat is perfect for the lake or your mantle. Everything from the trim scheme to working LEDs to the way the Alpha runs on the water is designed to make your experience as realistic as possible. You can hit the water with dual brushed 390 size, 22T motors, 60-amp Brushed LiPo Compatible Waterproof ESC and a durable ABS hull. To ensure you have a smooth ride, the boat does not have an exposed rudder or propeller. The powerful, steerable jet pumps provide plenty of power while keeping the speed and steering as scale as possible. Take control of the pivoting gun turret, mounted on the bow, by adding a 3-channel transmitter and a servo. Wherever you go, this is one boat that shouldn't be messed with.

Extreme power
Like the full-size boat, the Alpha Patrol Boat is propelled by twin, steerable jet pumps.

Run day or night
Seven working LEDs help you light up the night and add to the scale realism.

Interference-free connection
The included 2.4 Spektrum™ STX2™ 2.4GHz FHSS transmitter provides a clear, precise connection while the boat is on the water.

Moulded Accessories
You'll love the realistic moulded detailed accessories such as machine guns, dock bumper tyres, light pods, antennas and relevant flags.

•The highly detailed ABS hull features an abundance of scale accessories including a .50 caliber gun on the bow, m60 machine guns and a .50mm gun on the transom
•The detailed military trim scheme finishes off the scale realism
•3 Working LED's light up the night and bring an extra touch of scale realism
•The 60 amp Waterproof ESC provides more than enough amperage than the boat will ever require, providing peace of mind and countless hours of operation
•LiPo compatibility allows the user to use most any size 7.4 LiPo available
•The 2.4 radio system provides a clear and precise connection when the boat is off the mantle and on the water
•The boat includes moulded detailed accessories such as machine guns, dock bumper tyres, lights pods, antennas and a flag
•Just like the real boat it is modeled after, the boat is propelled by twin, steerable, jet pumps. The boat does not have an exposed rudder or propeller to worry about either on display or on the water
•Brushed 390 size motors provide enough power, while providing plenty of run time
•The included boat stand allows for use as a display model or to store the boat on while not in use
•Optional servo driven gun turret (see completion guide)

Needed to Complete
•7.2V 3300mAh NiMH 6-Cell or 7.4V 4000mAh 2S 50C LiPo, Hardcase with EC3 Connector
•Compatible Charger
•(4) "AA" Batteries

What's in the Box?
•(1) Alpha Patrol Boat
•(1) STX2 Transmitter
•(1) SRX200 Receiver
•(1) Dynamite® Tazer™ 390 22T Motor
•(1) User Manual

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