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Nordic Class Boats Bohuslan Passenger Ship 1:45

Part No:
Nordic Class Boats
Price: 210.00

Approx: 206.50 / US$229.25 Tax Free

Nordic Class Boats Bohuslan Passenger Ship 1:4 scale
Swedish passenger steamer from 1913

The steamship Bohuslän was built in Eriksbergs Wharf in Gothenburg in 1913. For more than 40 years she traveled the Gothenburg-Lysekil-Smögen-Gravarne (Kungshamn) route on the Swedish west coast. She was decommissioned in 1963, but today an enthusiastic association has restored this ship to its original state. In summer she is back in service for excursions.

The construction kit is very detailed, including the interior with many laser parts. Like the Mariefred, the model can be converted into an RC model, but the kit does not contain any information about this. The construction instructions consist of construction stage illustrations, parts list (currently only in English) and colored illustrations as a suggestion for coloring.

In addition, an LED lighting set is now included in the kit.

Technical specifications:
1:45 scale
Length 950 mm
Height 400 mm
Width 160 mm

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