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Batpod with Catwoman - The Dark Knight Rises 1:18 Scale

Part No:
Price: 39.95

Approx: 39.28 / US$43.61 Tax Free

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Speeding through the streets of Gotham, perhaps the Batpod was Catwoman's last heist from the Dark Knight himself! This is a sharp and uncomplicated 1/18 scale model kit from Moebius Models that features the famed Batpod from the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with those big fat rubber tires and an amazing Catwoman figure cast in resin.
• Highly detailed plastic moulded in black and white.
• Movie-accurate 1/18 scale replica.
• Realistic soft PVC plastic tires.
• Super detailed precision-tooled chassis and engine.
• Movie-accurate Catwoman figure precision cast in high-quality resin.
• Illustrated instructions.

• Scale: 1/18
• Length: 8-1/2"

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