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Modell-Tec Skibladner Paddle Steamer 1:60

Part No:
Modell Tec
Price: 210.00

Approx: 206.50 / US$229.25 Tax Free

Modell-Tec MS Finnmarken Passenger Ship 1:60
The D/S Skibladner is the oldest steamship in regular service. She was built in 1856 and still regularly sails her ferry route on Lake Mjøsa in Norway. The Skibladner is also Norway's only paddlewheel-driven ship. It is still in operation today and has been in regular service since its maiden voyage on 2 August 1856. Its route calls at towns on both shores of Lake Mjøsa and runs from Eidsvold to Lillehammer. Her home port is Gjøvik.

The ship is 50.1 m long. The hull has exceptionally slender lines with a width of only 5.06 m + the paddle wheels on each side. This gives a top speed of 14 knots. The propulsion system has 606 hp. The ship was built in a collaboration between Motala Shipyard and Aker Mek. The Skiblander is maintained by Oplandske Dampskipselskap, which still owns and operates the ship.

The kit of laser-cut wooden parts comes with fittings kit and lighting. For the extension as a remote controlled driving model, a corresponding extension kit with motor and worm gear, servo for the rudder linkage and small parts is available as an accessory.

The typical narrow hull construction of these paddle steamers naturally also presents some difficulties when building as a model and especially as an RC model. The hull has only a very low displacement and is correspondingly "tippy" due to its proportions. Therefore, we recommend this model for experienced model builders who have already gained experience with true-to-the-original RC model constructions.

3D printed detailed resin accessories
Remote control set ready design

Scale 1:60
Length: 830mm

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