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Heller Le Redoutable 1:400 Scale

Part No:

Price: 13.98 incl. VAT
Approx: 15.52 / US$14.45
Temporarily unavailable.

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Laid down in 1964 and launched in March 1967, the Redoutable completed its sea tests period in 1971. Its hull was made of high-elasticity steel allowing for immersions of greater than 200 meters. Propulsion is provided by an under pressure natural water and highly enriched uranium nuclear reactor supplying the heat-generating energy required to produce the steam driving 2 sets of turbines and alternators. The strategic armament includes 16 ballistic missiles comparable to the US Polaris. The tactical weapons include 4 torpedo launching tubes.

Scale:1:400 Scale
Item type: Ship kits, full hull (injection)

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