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Heller Scharnhorst 1:400 Scale

Part No:

Price: 34.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 40.94 (Inc VAT) US$37.32 (Tax Free)

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The Scharnhorst was commissioned from the Wilhelmshaven shipyard on 25.01.1934, to replace the Elsass.
Initially designed to weigh 18 000 tonnes, it was increased to 20 000 tonnes and finally, 31 800 tonnes. It was brought into service on 7.01.1939. The naval career of the Scharnhorst, frequently conducted together with the Gneisenau, started under the command of Captain Ziliax and Captain Hoffmann.
She participated in several battles in the North Atlantic where on 27.11.39 she sank the British cruiser the Rawalpindi. She took part in the Wese, bung operation in parallel with the battle of Narvik in Norway during April 1940. In June 1940 she fought the British convoy in operation Juno.

Scale 1:400
Length 565mm
Width 75mm

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