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Heller Le Superbe 1:150 Scale

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Price: 54.98 (Including VAT)
Euro: 60.48 (Inc VAT) US$55.90 (Tax Free)
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The product of a maritime programme intended to increase the diversity of the naval forces of Louis XVI in the XVIII th century, work on constructing the Superbe, which was a long time in the designing, commenced in 1782 on the basis of plans prepared by the engineer Jacques-Noël Sané. The specific feature of this vessel was the copper lined hull. This practice of hull lining became general from 1770 onwards. It protected the hull, and in particular the keel, from attack from parasites. The Superbe was fitted out with 74 cannons distributed as follows: 28 x 36 pound guns in the first battery, 30 x 18 pound guns in the second battery and 16 x 8 pounders on the poop deck. As on all 74 cannon vessels, the Superbe had no port Iids on the second battery. It should be noted that the figurehead on this boat represents a coat of arms, which was in principle imposed as a compulsory element in 1785. Commissioned by the Navy of Admiral Villaret De Joyeuse, in January 1795 the ship suffered a violent storm. This damaged several ships in the Navy, including the Superbe. Deemed beyond repair on account of the many leaks, Admiral Villaret De Joyeuse decided to abandon ship

Scale 1:150
Length 560mm
Width 450mm

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