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Heller HMS Illustrious 1:400 Scale

Part No:

Price: 39.98 (Including VAT)
Euro: 43.98 (Inc VAT) US$40.65 (Tax Free)

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First of a series of four ships (the following ones being HMS Victorious, HMS Formidable and HMS Indomitable) HMS Illustrious was launched in April 1939 at a time when the war clouds were gathering over Europe. Well protected from the attacks of opposing forces try an armoured deck and ring, the aircraft carrier came into service in April 1940 and was straight away enlisted in the ranks of the Royal Navy since there was a desperate need for that kind of ship. First of all appointes in the Mediterranean, the Illustrious immediately launched attacks on the Italian fleet. On 11th November 1940, twenty-four Swordfish took off from the aircraft carrier and attacked the battleships of the Regia Marina in their own port of Trente. They inflicted considerable damage to the fleet, sinking the “Conte di Cavour” and badly damaging the “Littorio” and the “Caio Duilio”. Only two planes were lost during this attack!

Scale 1:400
Length 570mm
Width 84mm

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