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Heller HMS Hood 1:400 Scale

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Price: 39.98 (Including VAT)
Euro: 46.78 (Inc VAT) US$42.65 (Tax Free)
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For twenty years, H.M.S HOOD was the largest war ship of the world ans was the pride of the Royal Navy. Her elegant outline and her beauty were in keeping with her speed (31 knots) and her fantastic firepower, represented by eight 15-inch guns.
The construction of the HOOD was undertaken on 31st May 1916. The ship was launched on 22nd August 1918, and was operational from 15th May 1920 onwards.
During the twenty years of her existence, the HOOD met with divided fortunes: she was docked several times to undergo alterations, was honoured by the visits of WINSTON CHURCHILL and king GEORGE VI, but also suffered two severe bombings, the first on 26th September 1939 by the LUFTWAFFE, and the second by the Italian air force in Mediterranean, in August 1940.
On 24th March 1941, the HOOD fought her last battle; meeting the BISMARCK was fatal for her. The HOOD went down in 90 seconds, taking 1418 officers ans sailors to their sea grave. There were only 3 survivors.

Scale 1:400
Length 659mm
Width 75mm

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