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Heller Golden Hind 1:200 Scale

Part No:

Price: 25.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 28.59 (Inc VAT) US$26.43 (Tax Free)

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During the reign of Elizabeth I, England began to establish its own maritime trade routes. One of these voyages was organized in the greatest secrecy, under the cover of a voyage to Egypt, by Francis Drake. On the 13th December 1577, five sailing ships left Plymouth, bond for “Alexandria” (the Pelican, the Elisabethan, the Marigold, the Swan and the Benedict). Once on the high seas, the five ships met with varied destinies (shipwrecks and loss at sea). It was not until he reached the Pacific, beyond the Straights of Magellan, that Drake, in order to perfect the disguise of his mission, rechristened the Pelican the Golden-Hind. The following three years were a series of raids and grappling, to the profit of Drake and his “Pirates”.

Contains: 369 pieces
Skill level: Advanced

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