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Helion BL Motor and BL ESC Upgrade Combo: Rivos

Part No:

Price: 64.99 incl. VAT
Approx: 72.14 / US$67.16
Temporarily unavailable.

If the out-of-the-box Rivos doesn't meet the need for speed, just drop in the brushless upgrade for a performance that will really get your adrenaline going. This brushless upgrade takes away the guesswork as everything you need (except the recommended Li-Po) is included. The set comes complete with powerful, 1800kV watercooled brushless motor, watercooled, waterproof 40A brushless ESC, motor mount, silicone tube for water cooling and propshaft coupler. Just add the recommended 3S 3600mAh 25C li-po battery and you'll have the fastest electric boat in its class on the water.

1 x 1400kV brushless water cooled motor
1 x waterproof, water cooled 40A ESC
1 x brushless motor mount
1 x propshaft coupler
1 x length of silicone tubing

Unable to ship via air or oudtisde Europe due to restricions on LiPo batteries

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