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Guns of History Breech Loading Williams Gun 1862 1:16 Scale

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Guns of History
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Guns Of History Breech Loading Williams Gun 1862 1:16 Scale
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Designed for the Confederacy by Captain D.R. Williams of Covington, Kentucky, this rapid-fire breech-loading gun was classified as a 1-lb cannon. Turning the hand crank opened the sliding breech, allowing the three-man crew to load a round and cap the primer. The continuing crank movement closed the breech and released the hammer. The projectile tumbled as it flew, adding a terrifying scream to the destruction it portended.

The effective range was 80 yards with a rate of fire of about 20 rounds per minute. The Model Shipways Barrel was 4 feet long and had a 1.57” caliber.

Approximately 40 of these guns were made to supply 7 different Confederate batteries. Four guns were captured and sent to West Point. One is still on display at the West Point Museum.

· Historically accurate, highly detailed wood & metal model
· Laser cut basswood ammunition box & precision cast Britannia metal parts
· One-piece easy-to-mount wheels
· Clearly written illustrated instructions

Length: 7-1/2”
Height: 3-1/2”
Width: 3-1/2”
Scale: 1:16

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