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Graupner Wet Protect 50ml

Part No:
Price: 16.90 (Including VAT)

Approx: 16.47 / US$19.29 Tax Free

GRAUPNER wet-protect is the only moisture-protection spray proven to effectively protect metallic, electrical and electronic parts from all types of moisture (steam, humidity, condensate, spray water, mist, rain/acid rain, saltwater, etc.).
It contains no resin, silicone, acrylic, Teflon or aromatic compounds.
GRAUPNER wet-protect reacts in a neutral way to standard plastics (except PVC), rubber, glass, paints, ceramics and metals such as steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper, zinc, brass and tin; it does not corrode windings or insulating varnish.
It is insensitive to surfactants, but can be easily removed again with a PCB cleaner, brake cleaner or spirit.
It does not mix with water, nor does it emulsify.
GRAUPNER wet-protect is not sensitive to weather or temperature and remains fully effective in the range -20° to +130° C.
Please Note: This product is highly flammable and therefore cannot be shipped outside the UK, and only by courier in the UK

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