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Graupner Ton 12 Krabbe Cutter Inc Fittings & Motor 1:25 Scale

Part No:
Price: 99.95 (Including VAT)

Approx: 97.45 / US$114.11 Tax Free

Graupner Ton 12 Krabbe Cutter Inc Fittings RC Model Boat Kit.
Our popular model boat Krabbe Tön 12 from 1973 is back!
The ship's modular system has been completely redesigned and is now being produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The remote-controlled boat thus fulfills the highest standard in model building. The hull is realized by blow molding. The material is extremely sturdy and reproduces every detail.
The ship's stand, deck, body and cabin are made of engraved and laser-cut wood. All fittings are included. Shaking sieve system, crab cooker made of plastic or laser-treated from wood. RC mountings with servo base for the rudder, linkages and Speed 400 motor No. 1794 are also included in the set.
The model is made for the experienced model builder, but also beginners will not need to worry about the good preparation of all parts.
Large A1 plans are included, on which the model boat is shown in the original scale. This means that every measurement can be taken directly.

The remote-controlled model: The Krabbe Tön 12 is a model-like replica of a crab-cutter typical of the North Sea.
The included fishing nets can be made functional after completion.With the 400-speed motor a realistic speed is achieved. This has enough power reserves to drive the boat also if the nets are immerged.
The enclosed 3 blade propeller is mounted on the shaft using a Drive Dog joint. A precise shaft system made of brass and a clutch ensures a smooth running.

Reissue of the famous classic of 1973
All parts are reworked and manufactured using the most modern production methods
Highly detailed model with prefabricated assemblies

The Set contains:
Quick-assembly kits with CNC-machined ship's hull
Crab cooker made of deep-drawn ABS plastic
Laser cut wood for deck and structures
Flag, net, rudder, propeller, Steve-tube, shaft coupling, sealing tape, molding, window glazing, wires, decals, small parts

Width:170 mm
Scale: 1 : 25
Weight: 450 g
Overall length: 484 mm
Version: Construction Kit, Material: ABS, PP, PU, Wood, Difficulty level: Beginner

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