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Graupner Taifun Race Catamaran

Part No:

Price: 187.98 (Including VAT)
Euro: 201.14 (Inc VAT) US$180.15 (Tax Free)

The new race-cat named Typhoon is a purebred racing catamaran with two outboard special class. The water-cooled Graupner Inline Brushless motors accelerate it via helical steel bevel gears to more than 70 km / h top speed. As a power source 2x 3S Lipo are provided.
The model is made entirely of white dyed fiberglass by hand. The graduated hull geometry of the two floats ensures optimum grip on the water surface, even at top speeds. Holes for the attachment of the two outboards are already provided, the GFK parts all cut to absolute accuracy. Thus, the structure is easy and completing quickly. A detailed, illustrated instructions is included with the kit, as well as a precisely cut decal sheet. The model offers enormous potential for own designs. Other drives can be implemented.

Overall length, approx. : 900 mm
Width o.a.: 285 mm
Height: 170 mm
Hull length, approx : 800 mm
All-up weight RTR, approx.: 3000 g

Package Content
Fiberglass hull and cockpit with hoods colored white
Servo mounting kit made of wood, laser parts
High-quality decal sheet self-adhesive
Linkage for Outboard Power 7

Required accessories
2x Power 7 Outboard engine No.1996
2x hood white No.1996.7
2x brushless motor No.6645
2x water cooling No.6645.1
2x brushless controller no. S3030
1x racing propeller 29 mm left 1996.1
1x racing propeller 29 mm right 1996.2
1x racing propeller 31 mm right 1996.3
1x racing propeller 31 mm left 1996.4
2x battery no. 78136.3
1x Colt transmitter S1018.DE
1x transmitter mz-12 Pro S1012.PRO77DE
1x receiver GR-12 no. 33506
1x waterproof masking tape No.531.19
1x high performance grease No.570

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