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Switching module multi-function SXM

Part No:

Price: 19.34 (Including VAT)
Euro: 21.28 (Inc VAT) US$19.67 (Tax Free)

In the area of switching functions, this module is a real all-rounder, covering the widest variety of functions in a single device. The switching module is connected to an output of the receiver and the functions are controlled and managed via the joystick or switch of the transmitter. Four outputs can be controlled with one receiver channel. Three different functionalities can be assigned to the four outputs using jumpers.
Switching functions:On/off (buffered)Flashing light (1 Hz) on/off (buffered)Momentary switch on/off (for output 2 and 4 only)
Maximum switchable voltage: 5-cell LiPo batteries, 14-cell NiMH batteries (21.5 V)
Dimensioned for currents up to 4 A per output
Power is supplied to the module via the receiver battery up to 8.5 V max. (2-cell LiPo batteries)

Weight <Actinic:Variable Name = 'g'/>: 9 g
Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 22 x 13 x 8 mm

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