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Soundswitch V2 Programmable Sound Module (Vehicle)

Part No:

Price: 169.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 188.69(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$180.76(Tax Free)
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Soundswitch V2 was developed especially for RC model building in order to equip the models with typical speed-dependent running sound.
In addition to the running sound, up to 20 different additional sounds can be played.
Automatic, ignition, startup, stop, idle, brake, and reverse running sounds can also be played.
The sound reproduction is 4-channel, meaning that 3 other sounds can be played in addition to the running sound.
With the software included in delivery, you can also record and add your own sounds via your PC.
All sounds can be changed in the module at any time.
Low-frequency amplifier (2x20W)
7 switching outputs enable you to connect LEDs, lamps, or relays and implement various lighting effects.
Soundswitch V2 is connected directly to the receiver and detects running speed in parallel with the speed controller.
Instructions in German, English, French
Program CD
Suitable for all popular, expandable remote control systems with more than 2 channels.
The firmware of Soundswitch V2 can be updated via USB cable.

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