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Graupner Sophia Runabout

Part No:

Price: 79.90 incl. VAT
Approx: 87.89 / US$85.89

Sophia is a classic wooden speed boat.
Inspired by the shapes and colors of the sixties in America, the lines and design are particularly elegant with a nostalgic touch. But beware! The drive is made by state-of-the-art Graupner brushless technology. Motors from the Copter Ultra series fit into the separately available Thomson outboard engine. As standard motorization we recommend a 600 KV motor with 20A regulator.

The kit of the Holiday is classically constructed in complete wood construction. All woods are accurately laser-cut, a detailed construction guide leads you step by step to the finished model. When designing the details, there is enough room for your own ideas.

Length 77 cm with outboard engine
Width 27 cm
Height 15 cm

Product features
lassic wooden kit in high quality
Detailed construction manual
Extravagant design
Excellent driving characteristics

Package content
Wood laser parts, small parts for the design
Plan and building instructions

required accessories

Outboard Retro Power (No.1995)
Brushless Motor (No. 7283)
Controller (No.33718.XT60)
Battery (No.78122.2)
Servo (No.7944.lose)
Remote control (No.S1042)

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