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Graupner MZ-12 6 Channel 2.4Ghz HoTT Transmitter Only

Part No:

Price: 106.33 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 120.16(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$116.08(Tax Free)

This is Graupner/SJ mz-12 HoTT 2.4GHz 6 CH transmitter. It is Graupner/SJ's unique telemetry technology in 2.4 GHz signal protocol that supports bi-directional data transmission and gives user real-time information. The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference thanks to optimized frequency hopping broad channel sequence. Graupner/SJ mz-12 combines an easy-to-use design with the incredible control of Graupner/SJ HoTT technology that is an ideal choice for anyone who is new to RC as well as the avid modeler on a budget

The sets contain
1 x MZ-12 Transmitter

Telemetry is the future, and the future is HoTT from Graupner/SJ with their fantastic new range of radios with fully integrated telemetry. HoTT is the fastest growing radio brand in Europe, due to its superior features using Graupner/SJ’s unique 2.4GHz ‘Hopping Telemetry Transmission’ bi-directional protocol. HoTT radios use two way communications to give ultra-fast high resolution control combined with live telemetry data direct from your model. Telemetry options include signal strength, altitude, airspeed, climb/sink (vario), fuel level, receiver battery voltage monitoring, individual Li-Po cell monitoring, engine temperature, RPM, GPS position and many more.

HoTT Features
•HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION(HoTT) The use of up to 75 hopping channels provides advanced reliable operation while keeping from any external interference.
•This HoTT radio system gives user real-time information on various usefu l data such as user model’s RPM, voltage, temperature, user programmable warning, and so on.
•All telemetry data are directly obtained from telemetric speed controllers equipped with this HoTT system without having to install separate sensor devices.
•Future-proof update capability using data interface of USB o r Data pin.
•Advanced HoTT wireless trainer system makes Teacher and Pupil system more enjoyable and gives user convenience for the teaching/learning.
•Simple, ultra-fast binding of transmitter and receiver.

Includes • 1 x MZ-12 Transmitter

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