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Graupner Hecht Rescue Boat kit

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Price: 314.95 incl. VAT
Approx: 346.45 / US$338.57
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Graupner Hecht Rescue Boat kit
By popular demand Graupner have re-launched our popular "Hecht" from the year 1995.
History: On 14.4.93 were from the DGzRS (German Society for Rescue Shipwrecked) four 7 -m-Lifeboats with the names HECHT (station Zinnowitz), ZANDER (station Zingst), BARSCH (station Wustrow) and Wuppertal (ex. Butt) (station Maasholm ) handed over to the wet element. The application area is between Mecklenburg and Pomeranian Bay. The sea rescue services are also active in animal and species conservation. Planning and construction took place at the shipyard Fr. Fassmer & Co. in Berne. The "Bodden Boats" are equipped with a jet propulsion system and are therefore ready for use even in extremely shallow waters. The transport takes place on a special trailer with tractor unit Unimog U 2150 L.
The model has been developed in 1:10 scale according to documents of DGzRS and Fassmer Werft. The glide boat hull gives the model a remarkable speed, while the new No.2344.V2 aluminum JET propulsion provides excellent manoeuvrability and performance. In addition to the provided basic equipment, additional functions such as noise simulator, lighting, headlights, blue light, tilting and erecting of the mast, notching of the towing hook u.a. be made. All parts that are difficult to manufacture, such as hull, deck, body, buoyancy
Floodlights and manyother small parts are molded from ABS plastic. The hull and the bodywork are CNC machined. All windows and other openings on the fuselage are already milled out. All wooden parts are largely prefabricated.
To shorten the construction time, the plastic injection-molded parts included in the hardware kit also contribute, such as hinges, bollards, towing gear, navigation antenna, top, rear and anchor lantern.

RC functions
Rudder adjustment (steering nozzle left / right)
cruise control
Steering of the reversing device

Very powerful, detailed model with many variations and extensions.
Deep-drawn parts 5-axis CNC milled
Some details like headlights, floats already included

Package content
Quick construction plan with RC installation and construction manual. CNC machined hull, deck, superstructure, buoyancy, fenders, mast, radar antenna, floodlights, searchlight, etc. Small parts made of deep-drawn ABS plastic; lasered wood parts.

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