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16 Channel Switch Module

Part No:

Price: 136.84 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 154.62(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$149.38(Tax Free)

A module for switching the light signals of boats, trucks and aircraft with true authenticity. In the "Boats and vehicles" operating mode, models are controlled via the Nautic switching module; in the "Aircraft" operating mode via a proportional channel (e.g. slider) in the transmitter. The typical lights for the corresponding vehicles/aircraft/helicopters are already installed. Very good test results with the IFS system.
Power supply: 4.8 - 14 V
Bias current: approx. 25 mA
Switching outputs: 16
Steady current per output: 0.8 A, short-term max.: 1.2 A
Max. total current of all outputs: 6 A
Proportional inputs: 3
Servo outputs: 2
Suitable Nautic switching module Graupner Nautic-Expert module (no. 4108)
Robbe Multi-Switch 16 module (no. 8084)

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