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Electronize FR15HVR-AN 15amp Electronic Speed Controller BEC

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Price: 35.50 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 39.05(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$37.86(Tax Free)
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Electronize FR12VR 12amp Electronic Speed Controller BEC
Autoset Neutral with BEC

The FR15 series is derived from our FR30HX microprocessor speed controller. It's current rating is reduced to 15 amp, sufficient for most scale models, but it retains the same control features. In addition the FR15HVR and FR15TVR have a battery eliminator circuit (B.E.C.) providing a regulated 5 volt supply for the receiver and servo's.
All FR series controllers have a selectable operating mode, giving a choice of high, low or variable frequency. Operating at low frequency gives better starting and low speed control, whereas high frequency gives smoother and more efficient high speed performance. The unique Electronize variable frequency mode gives the best of both worlds. It's a best performance low frequency controller, a smooth mid-range controller and an efficient high frequency controller all at the same time.
As has come to be expected from all Electronize controllers, the FR15 series gives the very best speed control over the full range from idle to full speed. With this new design we have taken our high standard a step further. Firstly, the microprocessor digitally measures the input signal and totally rejects any out of limits signal produced by interference. Next the 'good' signals are used to calculate a rolling average for the transmitter signal. Slight interference causes the jitter that makes most controllers seem harsh. Using this digital technique, interference effects are reduced by a factor of 8 whilst maintaining a fast response time of only 160 milli-seconds.
With these speed controllers there is no complicated set up sequence, as found on many microprocessor based units. The neutral position is pre-set with a precision within 0.5%. A simple screwdriver adjustment sets the speed range from 25 to 125%. You don't even need to check the motor direction because the controllers are rated to run at full load in either direction and with no additional load on the receiver battery in reverse.
The electronic controller plugs directly into the 'throttle' output of the receiver with no need for a servo. There is no need to match the electronic control to the motor other than to stay within the maximum ratings. The same control will work equally well with a large or small motor.

All Units
Standard radio control servo signal input. (standard connector supplied)
Smooth P.W.M. forward and reverse speed control.
Selectable operating mode.
Low frequency mode: 100Hz.
Variable frequency mode: 10 to 1000Hz.
High frequency mode: 2000Hz.
Low loss Power MOSFET current switching. (Only 6.3 milli-Ohms)
Jitter free digital control with no switch on surge.
Precision pre-set neutral.
Adjustable speed range to match throttle stick travel or scale speed.
6 to 24 volt motor battery operation. (5.5 volt min.)
15 amp. continuous load rating in either direction.
45 amp. short term stall rating. (continuous MOSFET rating)*
270 amp. peak rating.

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