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Electric Working Under Deck Anchor Winch Twin Drum 6V

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Price: 111.37 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 125.85(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$121.58(Tax Free)
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This new electric winch lets up to two anchors of your ship model fall freely and then lift slowly again. This is controlled via a proportional channel with a servo (included) which holds the anchor in position. It pulls the anchor up in one direction, and disengages the geared motor in the other direction to allow the anchor to fall freely.

A slip clutch ensures that should the anchor get jammed, no damage can occur to the motor. In the model the winch is installed under the deck. It can also be used for other activities on models.
The winch is supplied as pre-built assembly with a strong 6V geared micro motor, a servo, micro-switch.

Width: 130mm
Length: 60mm
Height: 60mm
6 Volt Operation

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