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Dumas Chris-Craft 18' Continental 1960 #1709

Part No:
Price: 79.99

Approx: 77.33 / US$81.33 Tax Free

Dumas Chris-Craft 18' Continental 1960
This beautifully laser cut model of a 1960 Chris-Craft 18' Continental contains everything to build this miniature classic.

The Laser Classic collection from Dumas is the best of both worlds. The technology and precision of laser cutting combined with our ever-popular Chris-Craft line. The Classic The Classic Collection kits feature laser cut balsa and mahogany parts, peel and stick decal set, display base with pedestals, step-by-step instructions, and a complete set of cast deck fittings. These static display models will look great in either home or office and are great kits for every level of model builder. Add to your collection with any of these Classic Chris-Crafts

Length 9 inches Beam 3.25 inches Scale 1/24th

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