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Disar Model Navio Rayo Combat Post

Part No:
Price: 114.00

Approx: 110.20 / US$115.90 Tax Free

The Rayo was an 80 guns ship of the line of the Spanish Navy from the mid-18th century to early 19th century. It was built in Havana, and ran aground in a storm in the Battle of Trafalgar. As a consequence it got wrecked. As was traditional for ships of the Royal Navy not named after a Saint, it’s second dedicatory name was San Pedro Apostol.

Disar's amazing models come with precision laser cut sheets along with wood of the highest quality. These models come with intricate metal, rubber, and wooden fittings to decorate these ships with life-like realism. For the ease of assembly, Disar provides step by step photo instructions with text to help for every picture.

Ref. 20148
Length: 275mm
Height: 410mm
Width: 200mm
Scale: 1/32

Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years. For use under adult supervision

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