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Disar Model Nao Victoria - Magellan Army

Part No:
Price: 195.00

Approx: 188.50 / US$198.25 Tax Free

Magallan’s navy, consisting of 5 ships and a crew of 245 men, left Seville in 1519. It’s goal was to reach the so called spice Islands (Moluku Islands). In 1522, The Nao Victoria was the only one to return to Seville out of the 5 ship convoy, only 18 men returned. It was commanded by Juan Sebastian Elcano, and it achieved the greatest naval feat of all times: the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the world.

Ref.: 20140
Length: 750mm
Height: 570mm
Width: 300mm
Scale: 1/50
Level: Advanced

Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years. For use under adult supervision

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